Oncology Massage is based on comfort orientated touch for People Living with Cancer.  Each massage treatment is individualized to comfort, nurture and support them in their process.

How does Oncology Massage Differ?

A full clinical assessment is taken and adaptions are made to the massage session such as: -

Pressure, site restrictions and position to ensure a safe treatment.


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Oncology massage can be offered to people with cancer regardless of the stage of their illness.

Treatments are deeply nourishing and calming using warm stone therapy and nourishing oils.  I use very specific protocols to assist the person suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Hot Stones Massage

Who can receive Oncology Massage:                                    

What to Expect when you book an Oncology Massage: -

A detailed account will be completed, including the kind of cancer you have (or had), all treatment history, any current treatment you’re on, all symptoms and side-effects you are experiencing, and any surgery or lymph node involvement you might have.

Pressure will be lighter than a regular massage.

A lot of the massage time may be spent on the feet, the spine (Hot stone therapy) and the head (Indian head massage) with the rest of the body receiving a lighter massage.

Specific symptoms at the time of massage will be addressed via pressure point (for example nausea, depression or any pain).

Depending on your own needs the position you lie in might be modified to accommodate any surgery, radiation sites or sensitive skin.

A Referral from your GP or Oncologist is recommended.


Don’t miss out on the many wonderful benefits of massage and the health benefits because you have cancer.  Massage for People Living with Cancer is a relaxing, pleasurable experience in the midst of everything that is going on.

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