Therapy with DEEP OSCILLATION - 
The Hivamat 200 -
Unique method of Deep Oscillation!                  Hivamat 200

DEEP OSCILLATION® is characterized by an intermittent electrostatic field, which is built up between the hands of the therapist or the hand applicator and the tissue of the patient by means of the HIVAMAT® 200. Then, the patient's tissue is electrostatically attracted and released again in the selected frequency (5-200 Hz). This will trigger a unique, deeply penetrating and lasting resonance vibration (DEEP OSCILLATION®) of the treated tissue area. When applying DEEP OSCILLATION®, the tissue will be thoroughly "kneaded" by mechanical force. This effect will not even be reduced when applying minimal external pressure,thus enabling application e.g. in case of acute trauma or pain or in the vicinity of open wounds. 
In the area of the interstitium, the resonance vibration causes a "mixing" of the basic substance, subsequently stimulating transportation of interstitial liquids and their components (proteins, cellular disintegration products, neurotransmitters etc.). The detumescence of local edema with aseptic inflammation is accelerated. Interstitial septa and spaces remain open to improve interstitial drainage.The restoration of the interstitial decongestion and supply will improve trophism considerably. With DEEP OSCILLATION®, you can supplement and intensify manual modes of treatment. The main advantage however is that the deeply penetrating therapy effect will set in even with a minimum of mechanical impact. This enables the treatment of indications (e.g. very acute conditions) that cannot easily be treated with traditional means or treated at all yet. As DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied at a very early stage, the regeneration process can be decisively influenced and accelerated considerably. Moreover, the unique treatment features of DEEP OSCILLATION® quite often help to stimulate stagnating chronic healing processes.
  Vibration of Skin 

Main fields of application:
1. Surgery aftercare: (e. g. breast cancer)

Immediately applicable (first postoperative day)
Effective prophylaxis of local edemas
Pain relief and improved sensitivity
Improved activity
High-quality wound healing (scar)

2. Open wounds: (e. g. ulcers, amputations, burns)
Treatment of wounded area or its immediate surroundings
Visible improvement of decongestion and supply
Enhancement of dynamic wound healing
3. Respiratory diseases: 
Quick and lasting relaxation of the respiratory musculature
Mucolytic effect
Immediate feeling of well-being
4. Sports:
Sports physiotherapy:
Accelerated regeneration in case of traumata, especially of edema and hematoma